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Brevini LaBLA pagetino America is one of Dana Brevini branches worldwide.

The Brevini branch is a real organized structure formed by a sales team with expertise on complete Dana Brevini product range and a technical department able to support the customer from design and customization of the solution to test of its operation. The Brevini branch has an on-site warehouse for timely delivery , has an assembly department that can customize standard products and a customer service to answer quickly to any needs.

The concrete evidence of the importance of the customer in the Brevini model is represented precisely through the presence of his organized branches that from the beginning have been the true strategy of supporting the company in the transformation process from a small workshop into a solid international corporation.


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The product portfolio consists of high- efficiency technologies with planetary and helical gear units , motors and winches , covering a wide power range to meet the needs of the most application sectors.


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